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Senior Full Stack Developer

QuickHire is looking for a full-stack engineer to join our rapidly growing team. We offer full benefits, competitive salary and equity to boot!

QuickHire is one of the premier tech startup's in the Wichita area that was founded by two sisters native to the Wichita area. We're constantly expanding and looking for like minded folks to join us on our journey. We're a culture first company that puts our people first and like to take care of them. Being close to the core of the business, you'd have decision rights in many areas that are traditionally not available. We get to drive the product in the direction we want, no red tape, no heavy bureaucracy, just smooth sailing and fun problems to solve.

We use modern tech stacks including, node, react/react native, aws and docker, plus much more like tensorflow, ML and some AI in the near future. We're working hard to be on the bleeding edge of the industry with great ideas and awesome people.

About Us:
Nearly half of today’s workers have opted to forego the 4-year college degree route. Forty-four percent to be exact. And while 110 million people are employed by the service economy, the vast majority of HR platforms are catered to desk, “white-collar” workers. QuickHire is a career discovery platform for the service economy workforce. We’re not about finding these workers a gig or a temporary job. Our mission is to find service workers the RIGHT job. And then after we’ve done that, we stick with them in helping them to continue to make progress in their career. Whatever that looks like. We believe that the more ownership and empowerment job seekers feel about their careers, the better employees they will be for employers.